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Because of the Catholic Church’s understanding and teaching on marriage, there are some pre-conditions to getting married in the Catholic Church. We invite you to make an appointment to discuss the essentials – well in advance of any service you might be contemplating.

Taking this step to matrimony should not be taken lightly, as in this unique human relationship there can be the greatest of joy but the deepest of hurt. Please come talk to us, as we want to offer you the opportunity to find authentic happiness in the love of God for all.

Here at St Mary’s, we are delighted to help you celebrate your special day.  For us, we believe that Christian Marriage is good.  We appreciate the high standard for Christian Marriage which Jesus Christ taught and we want you to deeply appreciate the lifelong, exclusive and life-giving relationship which Christ described in the Gospels.

First, we ask that you collect an Information for Marriage leaflet at the end of one of our Sunday Masses; and that you arrange to see the Parish Priest.  You will be asked to attend the local Registrar’s Office and, if necessary, to obtain copies of your Baptism and Confirmation certificates; you may be asked to obtain other ecclesiastical documents which are issued no more than six months before your wedding.

According to Civil Law, only those who make St Mary’s their regular place of worship – that is attend Sunday Mass every week – and who live in the boundary of the parish can marry at St Mary’s.

All couples getting married in any Catholic Church are obliged to attend a Marriage Preparation Course which addresses both the practical and spiritual aspects of Christian Marriage. 

The Roman Catholic Church may only celebrate weddings:

Between a man and a woman.

When one of the couple is a Baptised Catholic and where both are free to marry.

The rules regarding divorcees are that they may not marry in a Catholic Church unless:  The former partner is no longer living or an Annulment has been granted by the Catholic Church.

To make an appointment, please contact the Parish Office by phone or use our Contact form.

…take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.From the marriage rite

Picture of exchange of rings at wedding

Marriage is a divine calling in which a man and a woman give themselves to each other in a life-long partnership. Through it they can experience the beauty of self-giving human love and with God’s blessing, be part of his creation: taking part in his absolute love for humankind by building a family with God at its centre.

Marriage as a Path to Holiness

Marriage is a path to holiness, essential to our society and to our faith. Through it we are offered a glimpse of the truth of God’s faithful and everlasting covenant with us. Just as Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross has joined us with him, so through the sacrament of marriage he unites himself with the married couple and gives them the grace and strength to live together as one flesh in truth and love.

The life-long, loving fidelity of a couple, one to another, reflects the enduring bond that God has with each of us. As God is the author of marriage, so spouses are given the grace to be springs of goodness and holiness for each other, keeping that relationship alive, as long as they both shall live.

We are images of God endowed by him with the wonderful gift of rationality. Whilst we can use our intellect to consider whether something appears to accord with the truth, it is true to say that there are occasions when we may struggle to discern the revealed truth.


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