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Easy to use and accessible across a wide range of devices.

This is the official online-home of St Mary’s Parish in Leek. We’ve endeavoured to make our site not only useful and informative but also easy to use, navigate and access from whatever device you may be browsing – PC, laptop, tablet, phone or screen-reader.

Below are some of the design considerations we’ve made to enhance your visit.

Website Design and Functionality

  1. Content Links
  2. Access Keys
  3. How to Use Access Keys
  4. Tabbed Navigation
  5. Screen Resolutions
  6. Text Size
  7. Browser Compatibility
  8. Javascript and Flash
  9. Web Standards and Validation
  10. Comments and Suggestions

  1. As well as the usual navigation menus, links to relevant information can also be found in the main content sections. When these are contained in, say, a paragraph, they will look like this link to our Home page. The same is true when used as a contents list, as in this page.

  2. Access Keys

    When implemented, Access Keys give visitors a nifty way of moving about a website without using a mouse. However, those folks who benefit most from such niftiness tend to use other proprietary equipment and software (screen-readers for instance) with which pre-programmed Access Keys can conflict.

    For this reason, we’ve limited site-wide functionality on our site to the following:

    • [0] – Website Information (this page)
    • [1] – Home Page
    • [3] – Site Map

    Why that numbering? Although we’ve not fully implemented the UK Government Access Key System, where we have, we’ve kept to the standard.

  3. How to Use Access Keys

    Internet Explorer users, hold down the [ALT] key, press the required [Access Key], release both keys and then press enter.

    Firefox users, keeping the [ALT] and [SHIFT] keys held down, press the required [Access Key].

    Opera users, press the [SHIFT] and [ESC] keys, this brings up a list of Access Keys configured for the page. Select the required [Access Key].

    Some browsers don’t use Access Keys. However, when implemented, they will have their own variations of the above.

  4. Tabbed Navigation

    Using the [TAB] key is another way of navigating a web page or site. Pressing the [TAB] key will select the next link on the page. Continue hitting the [TAB] key and you will move through the page from link to link. Once you arrive at a link you want to follow, press the [ENTER] key and you’ll be taken to the linked content.

    To move backwards through the links, hold down the [SHIFT] key while pressing [TAB].

    You can also use the [TAB] key to move between fields in our Contact form.

  5. Mobile Devices and Other Screen Resolutions

    To accommodate the wide variety of display devices available today, we’ve taken the time to ensure that, whatever screen you use, our site doesn’t mess up and become difficult to read.

    To be more specific, our site uses (what is termed) a responsive layout design, optimised for display widths (or resolutions) between 320 and 1280 pixels.

    Try it yourself…

    If you’re on a PC, reduce the size of the browser window and see how our site adapts. You can also achieve the same effect by increasing the text size as described below. This ensures that visitors browsing from mobile/tablet devices don’t have to constantly shrink/expand their browser windows to display information clearly.

  6. Text Size

    Most modern browsers allow you to enlarge (or reduce) text size, thus enabling you to configure the most comfortable size of text to read. As with the screen resolutions mentioned above, our site is designed to accommodate this without messing up the layout and making things more difficult to read.

    Try it yourself…

    For Firefox and Google Chrome, keeping the [CTRL] key held down, press [+] (next to [BACKSPACE] on a UK keyboard) until you get the required text size. To reduce the size, again hold the [CTRL] key down but this time press [-] (which is to the left of [+] ). To reset your browser to the default size, hold the [CTRL] key down and press [0] (that’s the number zero!).

    Opera users, keeping the [SHIFT] key held down and pressing [+] will zoom into the page i.e. make the text bigger. To zoom out, i.e. make text smaller, just press the [-] key until you reach the required size. To reset to the default browser size, hold the [CTRL] key down and press [0], as with Firefox/Chrome above.

    Unfortunately, Internet Explorer is not so easy to manipulate as it relies on selecting options from the menu at the top of the screen. To modify text size, select the Page (IE7,8) menu option either with your mouse or holding down the [ALT] key and pressing [p] (IE7,8). Once the menu is expanded, select [x] for teXt, then with your mouse or arrow keys select the required text size from the options available.

    However, if you have a mouse that has a scroll wheel, holding down the [CTRL] key while moving the wheel backwards or forwards, will resize the browser text either up or down respectively.

  7. Browser Compatibility

    We’ve designed and tested our site to work in the following browsers:

  8. Javascript and Flash

    We use Javascript to enhance the experience of visiting our website.

    Should Javascript not be available on the device you are using, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to navigate and view most of the information on our site.

    We don’t use Flash on our website.

  9. Web Standards and Validation

    When it comes to technology, we believe agreed and recognised Standards, on the whole, are a good thing!

    With this in mind, our site has been hand crafted to conform to the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

  10. Comments and Suggestions

    If you’ve any comments or suggestions regarding our website, we’d love to hear them. You can reach us by phone, email or post using the details on our Contact page.

St Mary's Catholic Church

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Sun Mass 10:00 am
Rosary and Benediction   4:00 pm

Particular Mass times may vary, so be sure to check out the What's On guide for updates.

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