Club Day – Saturday 9th July 2016

The annual Club Day event took place in the town last weekend and once again St Mary’s Church, uniformed groups and School took part.

The event has a very long history in the town (for around 200 years), traditionally involving the local Sunday School children, walking in their church groups, with banners and flags.

The day didn’t look too promising, with heavy rain in the morning dampening everyone’s spirits. At the marshalls’ meeting in the morning, it was decided that at 1.00 p.m. a final decision to proceed or cancel would be made.

At just turned noon the rain stopped!


St Mary’s gathered at the school in Cruso Street – children and adults, band and banner-carriers. Marshalls in high-vis. jackets gathered. Their job was to close off roads and protect the walkers. They moved ahead and around the procession, taking up relevant positions. We set off at just after 2.00 p.m. to march to the Market Place to the sound of our marching band, following our usual designated route.


Once all the church groups were assembled in the square a service was led by Major Rudi Pilsel. The Coventry Salvation Army Band played a selection of hymns for us to sing to.









After the service we all marched off in turn around the town, accompanied by the bands, and eventually returned to St Mary’s school. Along the way there were lots of bystanders. In Osborne Street there was the usual somewhat bizarre appearance of Father Christmas. Once back at the school there was an extensive buffet laid on for children and adults alike.

The afternoon had remained fine and the wind was light – much to the relief of the banner carriers!

Many thanks to Pat and Alan Baldwin and the Club Day committee – particularly our parish    repesentative Mary Kirkham – for their hard work on the day and during the months beforehand.

The tradition lives on!