Charity Walk for St Mary’s SVP funds

See details of the 100km walk (click here)

September 2015
Dear all, 
It is now time for the annual charity walk to raise funds to 
take 30 residents from care homes or their own homes on a 
day out for a short interesting talk eg First World War, 
Art, Cheese and then  meal and refreshments.
You have all given great financial support, each year, 
over the last 10 years and I hope you can help once more. 
I will put sponsorship forms at back of church.
I am off on the St. Cuthbert's Pilgrimage Walk 
from the Scottish Borders to Lindisfarne 
on the Holy Island in Northumbria. 
No grand - children this year as my normal walkers(4) 
are now off on studies and the next group won't be of 
age until next year!
My thanks for whatever help you can give.

John Knox