CAFOD World Gifts Christmas 2016

CAFOD World Gifts

The true spirit of Christmas giving

Led by our Justice and Peace Group, especially David and Julia Ganner and Lily Morrell, we had an imitation Christmas tree dressed with colourful glittery ‘baubles’. People were encouraged to write Christmas greetings on these and make a donation towards World Gifts. Thanks to David and Julia’s creative talents and Lily’s enthusiasm we succeeded in raising £235.

With this money we were able to purchase:

TWO Trees for LifeONE Net that Protects

FIVE Vegetable GardensTWO Tippy Taps

TWO Drought-resistant cropsTWO Water for the Family

ONE Build a Greenhouse

Well done everyone!

(The gifts chosen were thought to be most appropriate as they provide sources of clean water, foodstuffs and sanitation. All vital in areas of the world where people are less fortunate than ourselves.)