Work Restarted on Pew Renovation

Picture of Collis renovating a pew
Collis enjoying himself in his full waterproofs pressure-washing a pew

Now the better weather is here (at least for a day or so) we have started getting some of the long pews out into the avenue to renovate them. This involves a light sanding, followed by a coating of something that looks like yoghurt, called Biostrip20. After twenty minutes it is washed off with a pressure washer and off comes the old varnish as well. See the picture of Collis enjoying himself – but don’t get too close or you will be soaked!

Once the wood is dry it is sanded off and varnished with a clear acrylic varnish. A few hours later another light sanding and another coat of varnish and the job’s done – about four and a half hours for each pew.

Only another 25 to go!

8th August update:

Due to rather mixed weather work has continued intermittantly. However we are pleased to report that there are now only 14 left in theĀ  to strip and revarnish in the main body of the church. There’s a chance we might get the rest done if we have a fine and warm autumn.